Be Reconciled To God

Author: Daniel Anderson
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Is it possible in the second half of 2 Corinthians 5 that the apostle Paul, rather than speaking generally, is speaking in a highly personal manner? Is it possible that this passage in intensely autobiographical?

In this booklet the author presents the basis for such a possibility and investigate its surprising implications. He shows that Paul may be describing the transformation in his own thinking and understanding of the role of the character of Messiah, which formerly was typical of a well educated and devoted Pharisee.

Further, it may be possible that in this passage Paul gives a brief summary of his ministry, an "encapsulation" of the important truths of which he was God's steward. Thus, his statements concerning the meaning and scope of the work of Christ have significant implication for the substance and content of what is presented in evangelical endeavours.

Book / Booklet
Binding Saddle Stitched
Pages 36
Paper Quality High
Size A5
Target Audience People who like to study the Bible in depth
Date of Publication 1990

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