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Animals in the Plan of God
Author: Brian Sherring
  Brian Sherring’s first Booklet for The Open Bible Trust tackles a subject not dealt with..
Arminianism or Calvinism?
Author: Sylvia Penny
  What are Calvinism and Arminianism? What are the differences? And why does it matter? ..
Astrology - Then and Now
Author: Roger Barnett
Please note that although the eBook title differs it is the same publication.   The pro..
Back To School
Author: Michael Penny
The content of the 3D booklet is written from experience gained during several years spent in helpin..
Covenants: Old and New
Author: W M Henry
In the introduction the author deals with covenants in general, explaining the meaning and purpose o..
From Darkness to Glory
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
It was while on the Open Bible Trust Family Holiday one summer that Vicky Wilkinson was asked by one..
Gifts And Rewards From God
Author: Michael Penny
Distinguishing between the gifts, which God freely gives to those who have faith in Christ Jesus as ..
God's Purpose in Israel
Author: E W Bullinger
  How important is this subject to Gentile Christians of the 21st Century? If the importan..
God’s Amazing Plan
Author: Michael Penny
We don’t have to be vicars or ministers, or need a doctorate in Divinity, to realise that when ..
Israel In The New Testament
Author: Michael Penny
What role did Israel play in God's purposes during the time that the Lord Jesus Christ was on earth?..
My Search For Truth
Author: Val Griffiths
In Christendom there are different beliefs and diverse theologies, but which are correct? In our ..
Natural Disasters
Author: Roger Barnett
  Whenever there is a Natural Disaster anywhere in the world, a single point often recurs ..
No Turning Back
Author: Ken Hawkins
Many troubled areas of the world have a similar, underlying problem - namely that certain minorities..
Our Place in the Plan of God
Author: Brian Sherring
In his first publication for The Open Bible Trust, Brian Sherring wrote on Animals in the Plan of Go..
The Christian's Greatest Need
Author: E W Bullinger
  This is a small booklet emphasizing that the Christian’s greatest need is to obtain a tr..
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