The Godhead

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Cameos of Christ in the Lives of Some Old Testament Characters
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
Sometime ago, when attending a Bible study which looked into the lives of some of the Old Testament ..
Fullness and the Knowledge of God
Author: Ron Moore
Adam and Eve broke the one single command God gave them, and calamity came upon them and the whole w..
God's Work of Salvation
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
God's work of salvation is centred on the redemptive work of Christ, the Lamb of God who took away t..
Imitating Christ
Author: W M Henry
In Romans 8:29 Paul tells us that we are "predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son" an..
In Christ And With Christ
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
Jesus Christ left heaven's glory to come to this earth, the home of man, to be identified with us an..
Is God Love
Author: Lloyd Allen
Some see God as a sour-faced, bearded, old man … sitting in heaven waiting to judge the misdemeanour..
Jesus: God and Man
Author: Brian Sherring
Whilst many Christians have no difficulty in accepting Jesus Christ as man, some do have problems be..
Key Episodes in the Life of Christ
Author: W M Henry
This booklet was published at the same time as the 200th edition of Search magazine. It was felt thi..
Put on the Lord Jesus Christ
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
  This is a study of the armour of God. In her usual detailed style, Vicky has given us a ..
The Clear Will of God
Author: Michael Penny
  Many Christians wish to emulate their Lord and Saviour when, in the Garden of Gethsemane..
The Deity of Christ
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
  What does the Bible say about God and what does it say about Christ? In the last 100 yea..
The Fulness Of The Godhead
Author: Michael Phelan
This booklet is offered to the reader in the prayerful hope that it will be of some benefit to those..
The Great High Priest
Author: Bob Morris
Just over 2,000 years ago, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to a man in Galilee named Joseph..
The Greatness Of Christ
Author: W M Henry
In this booklet William Henry deals with a subject which is dear to the heart of every Christian - t..
The Knowledge of God
Author: E W Bullinger
  “It is quite one of the ‘signs of the times’ that the Godhead is becoming a subject of d..
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