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Another Look At The Gospel Of John
Author: Ernest Streets
The fourth book of the New Testament can truly be called the evangelical gospel and many have been s..
Becoming Born Again
Author: Kenneth Evans
When on earth our Lord Jesus Christ continually battled much confusion about how to ‘come to God’, a..
Did Christ Bear Sicknesses On The Cross?
Author: Llewelyn Jones
Did Christ bear sicknesses on the cross? This is the issue considered by the author who states clear..
Elijah and John the Baptist
Author: Michael Penny
Please note that although the eBook title differs it is the same publication.   Why did..
Exceeding Great Joy
Author: Roger Barnett
When the wise men saw the star their joy was exceeding great. Why? In this publication Roger Barnett..
In My Father’s House: Meditations on John Chapters 12-17
Author: Denis Wheadon
In his last letter, the Apostle Paul tells us that, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for..
New Testament Mysteries
Author: Charles Ozanne
  This publication may have been better titled New Testament Secrets, as practically all t..
Pondering Parables
Author: Charles Ozanne
Parables are a well-known feature in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, he did not star..
Pontius Pilate and the Crucifixion of Christ
  Here we have not only a pen-portrait of the most well-known of all Roman Governors, but ..
That it might be fulfilled: The Prophecies of Matthew 1 & 2
Author: Daniel Anderson
Often we read in the New Testament scriptures of something taking place in order to “fulfil” somethi..
That You May Believe
Author: Charles Ozanne
In this book Charles Ozanne gives careful consideration to each of John's eight miraculous signs. ..
The Chronology of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Author: Denis Manley
Modern, industrialised man likes to know when things happened and the order in which they happened. ..
The Four Gospels: Compared and Contrasted
The opening section looks at the four different writers of the Gospels and discusses the reasons why..
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The Gospel of John and The Samaritans
Author: Brian Sherring
The Gospel of John  has been a blessing to many of different persuasions but, initially, who di..
The New Covenant
Author: Michael Penny
  In writing this booklet, the author first explains what a covenant is, and then answers ..
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