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The Purpose of Parables
Author: Michael Penny
So why did Christ start teaching in Parables? He had not done so for the first part of his ministry ..
The Seven Sayings to the Woman at the Well
Author: E W Bullinger
In John 4 we see Christ, the great Workman, at work: the One who was Perfect God and perfect man. ..
The Signs in John's Gospel
Author: W M Henry
  At the end of his gospel John tells us the reason why he wrote his gospel and why he bas..
The Transfiguration
Author: E W Bullinger
The Transfiguration. What really happened? The Transfiguration is one of the most unusual of events ..
The Twelve Disciples
The Twelve Disciples are the most talked about group of people in Christian circles but who can name..
The Upper Room Discourse (John 13-17)
Author: W M Henry
In the Upper Room, during the Passover meal and just before the Lord’s arrest, Christ gave His disci..
The Word Of The Kingdom
Author: Charles Ozanne
In this publication Charles Ozanne sheds new light on many well know and familiar passages of Matthe..
Why In A Stable?
Author: Roger Barnett
In his earlier work, Exceeding Great Joy, Roger Barnett gave us his views on the joy the Magi had on..
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