Practical Christianity

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Be Likeminded
Author: Daniel Anderson
In this publication the author opens his heart to his readers confessing that, in the past, he would..
Christ's New Commandment
Author: Bryan Conway
In this publication the author has dealt with what he considers to be “the most important thing in t..
Christian Leadership
Author: Peter Mansell
Leadership plays a part in almost every activity of human life and Christianity is no exception but ..
Christians! Their Message and Their Witness
Author: Brian Sherring
  It is, perhaps, surprising, to find almost a total absence of the word “Christian” in th..
Author: Sylvia Penny
Two of the best known verses in the Bible dealing with forgiveness come in the Lord's Prayer in Matt..
Love In The Bible
Author: Michael Penny
When writing on "faith, hope and love", the Apostle Paul tells us that "the greatest of these is lov..
Loving Your Enemies
Author: Sylvia Penny
  There are just two passages in the Bible that refer in detail to ‘loving your enemies’, ..
Author: Sylvia Penny
  What exactly do we mean when we say someone is lying? It appears that there are vario..
Marriage & Divorce
Great Britain has the highest divorce rate of all European countries with about forty percent of mar..
Practical Christianity
Author: James Poole
"It is the divine purpose that faith is followed by works," writes James Poole and goes on to demons..
Sorrow Not
Author: Lloyd Allen
  Lloyd Allen was born in Canada in Toronto, in 1926. There he received his schooling and ..
Ten Command Words
Author: Tom Smith
  What should Christians do after they have accepted Christ as their Saviour? What should ..
The Fruit of the Spirit
Author: Michael Penny
  Edited, with contributions from David Groves, Susan Horobin, Brian Lloyd, Ruth Lloyd, Lo..
Tithing and Other Gifts
Author: Glen Burch
Does the Bible tell Gentiles to tithe? Should Christians today tithe? Before answering s..
To Walk in the Spirit
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
  The aim of this booklet is to encourage, help and motivate Christians to rise above the ..
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