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Apocalypse - An Introduction to Revelation
Author: Brian Sherring
  Revelation! A book that fascinates some Christians, but a book that confuses others. How..
Christ's Prophetic Teaching: In Relation to the Divine Order of His Words and Works
Author: E W Bullinger
  There seems to be something innate in human beings wanting to know about the future, and C..
Daniel’s Seventy Sevens: A Recalculation
Author: Michael Penny
In the fifth century BC Jerusalem lay desolate. The temple had been destroyed and many Jews were exi..
God's Plan for Israel
Author: Charles Ozanne
  Will Israel be restored in fulfilment of the Old Testament prophecies, or has it been re..
Prophecy in the Past Tense
Author: Roger Barnett
“Can you fix my light, Dad?” was my daughter’s request. “Yes OK. Consider it done!” was my bold repl..
Signs of the Second Coming (Matthew 24)
Author: Michael Penny
  Open Bible Trust conferences held in at Nottingham, Somerset, and Kent dealt with the su..
The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ
We were tempted to change the title of this booklet from its original to The Unveiling of Jesus Chri..
The Day of the Lord! When?
Author: Michael Penny
  Several Old Testament prophets wrote about The Day of the Lord. Joel called it "the grea..
The Great Tribulation
This is William Campbell’s second, revised writings on this subject. As well as dealing with … ..
The Last Days! When?
Author: Michael Penny
  When we read the expression "the last days" in our Bibles we automatically think of the ..
The Lord's Day (Revelation 1:10)
Author: E W Bullinger
  The Lord’s Day! Is it Saturday? Or Sunday? Or is it “The Great and Terrible Day of the L..
The Mark Of The Beast and the Jerusalem Temple
Author: Michael Penny
  The author's aim is simple: it is to demonstrate that the Scriptures teach that the drea..
The Most Quoted Old Testament Prophecy
Author: Michael Penny
  If you asked ‘Which Old Testament prophecy do the New Testament writers quote more than ..
The Second Advent in Relation to the Jew
Author: E W Bullinger
  This short work looks at covenants (conditional and unconditional), the promise and the ..
The ‘No Mores’ of Revelation
Author: Brian Sherring
Revelation 21 tells us that God is to create a new heavens and a new earth. But this new creation wi..
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