Salvation & Conditional Immortality

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Death! Fearing it or Facing it?
Author: Michael Penny
What would life be like without God? Without God we would have no eternal hope. Death would be the e..
God’s Gift of Everlasting Life
Taking his authority as the Bible, the author deals with a wide range of subjects relating to death ..
Hell & Judgement in the Book of Revelation
Author: Colin Sweet
There is a danger nowadays that Christians may either dismiss the reality of hell or, because of sim..
Immortality! When?
Author: Michael Penny
  What does the Bible have to say about “immortality”? The answer is, “Surprisingly little..
Resurrection! When?
The aim of this booklet is to discuss when the resurrection of believers (and unbelievers) takes pla..
Salvation: God's Provision and Our Response
Author: Brian Sherring
Please note that although the eBook title differs it is the same publication.   'Salvat..
Seven Aspects of Salvation
Author: Brian Sherring
In short, but comprehensive, coverage Brian Sherring gives the reader a greater understanding of ‘sa..
That Wonderful Redemption
Author: Athol Walter
  The question the unbeliever should ask is, “What must I do to be saved?” But ….. the bel..
The Given Righteousness
Author: J Eustace Mills
We may think we can be righteous before God by our own good works or through religious rituals. W..
The Life & Soul of Mortal Man
Author: Charles Ozanne
  Many worthy writers, from Tyndale onwards, have expressed their profound dissatisfaction..
The Path to Immortality
Author: Roland Wickes
In Christian circles there is confusion of 'soul' and 'spirit', as to whether either or both are imm..
The Resurrection of the Body
Author: E W Bullinger
  Each Easter time Christians celebrate the resurrection from the dead of our Lord Jesus C..
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Author: E W Bullinger
  It is the author’s contention that when dealing with the subject of what happens at deat..
What about Life Hereafter
This is a brief statement of the true Bible Doctrine of ‘Eternal Life through Christ alone’. Taki..
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