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Christ in the Psalms
Author: W M Henry
  What do the Psalms say about Jesus? The author splits them into ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ ..
Koheleth Speaks! Ecclesiastes 3 and 4
Author: Bob Morris
The author faces the fact that Christians are now in a minority in most countries. As such we live i..
Music & Praise in the Life of the Believer
Author: Brian Sherring
The place music occupies in Christian worship varies from congregation to congregation. Martin Luthe..
Song of Songs
Author: Brian Sherring
The Song of Songs has exercised the minds of many of the most devout Jewish and Christian commentato..
The Book of Job: Suffering and the Deep Things of God
Author: Brian Sherring
  The book of Job has had little appeal to the majority of Christians. Consequently little..
The Greatest Love Song
Author: Brian Sherring
  The main themes in The Song of Songs  are romantic  love, beauty, courtship an..
The Name of Jehovah in the Book of Esther
Author: E W Bullinger
  Many have noticed that ‘God’ is not once mentioned in the Book of Esther. None-the-less,..
The Vain and The Sane in Ecclesiastes
Author: Charles Ozanne
  Many have been fascinated by the Book of Ecclesiastes, and most have been perplexed and ..
Thoughts on Psalm 119
Author: Ken Clegg
Psalm 119 talks about God’s Law, His statues, precepts, decrees and commands. These were given to Is..
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