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Galatians - Interpretation and Application
Author: Michael Penny
A verse by verse historical commentary with modern day applications. In this book the author’s co..
James: His life and letter
Author: Michael Penny
In this second revised edition of this book we are given and excellent portrait of James, the brothe..
Paul's Letter to the Romans: Background & Introduction
Author: Brian Sherring
This book sets Paul’s letter to the Romans in the context of the New Testament and his other letters..
Paul: A Missionary of Genius
Author: Michael Penny
The Life and Work of the Apostle to the Gentiles “One good reason why Christianity was triumphant..
The Miracles of the Apostles
Author: Michael Penny
The Acts of the Apostles covers one of the most dramatic stages in God's plan for the people of Isra..
The Resurrection Chapter: 1 Corinthians 15
Author: Fred Hayman
In this booklet the author reminds us that Paul’s teaching on the resurrection of Christ is based up..
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