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Abraham and his seed
Author: Michael Penny
W M Henry, Michael Penny & Sylvia Penny In Genesis 12, we read of God's covenant promise to A..
God’s Present Purpose
Author: Andrew Morton
Two attitudes to the Bible may be summed up in two sentences in two letters the author received from..
Introducing God's Plan
Many people have a good knowledge of some of the events recorded in the Bible. However, they are les..
Satan through the Bible
Author: Sylvia Penny
This is a comprehensive treatment of all that the Bible has to say about Satan. Starting with his cr..
The Church! When did it begin?
The beginning of The Church which is the Body of Christ represents a significant change in God’s dea..
The Development of Dispensationalism
Author: Michael Penny
This book starts off by considering the theology of four of the earliest church fathers: Justi..
The Divine Plan and its Realization
Author: S Van Mierlo
This book takes wide compass, starting with ‘Before the Ages’ and ending with ‘God All in All’. In b..
Think On These Things
Author: Ernest Streets
This book deals with a number of well known subjects, but Ernest Streets has some distinctive and di..
True or False? Comments and Queries about Christianity
Author: Michael Penny
Are these True or False? This is the best of all possible worlds. Christians should practise..
Woman to Woman
Author: Sylvia Penny
Sylvia Penny has compiled and edited an interesting and helpful collection of Christian articles by ..
Young Searchers
Young Searchers has been a regular feature in the Open Bible Trust’s magazine Search. Although aimed..
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