Paul's Letter to the Romans: Background & Introduction

Author: Brian Sherring
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This book sets Paul’s letter to the Romans in the context of the New Testament and his other letters. It gives the reader a good basis for a detailed study of the epistle.

Paul wrote to the Romans from Greece, some three years before he arrived in Rome (Acts 20:2-3). This means that it was written before the judgement Paul pronounced upon the Jewish leaders in Rome (see Acts 28:25-28). That is, it was written before Paul wrote the letters to the Ephesians and Colossians in which new teachings are revealed about a heavenly calling, about Gentile and Jewish equality, and about the abolishment of the Law of Moses.

It is essential, when reading Romans, not to read back into it such teachings as these, and the author does an excellent job of explaining Romans in its correct historical context.

Book / Booklet
Binding Perfect Paperback
Pages 128
Paper Quality High
Size A5
Target Audience People who like to study the Bible in depth
Date of Publication 2013

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