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Christianity! Faith or Religion?
Speaker: Michael Penny 8 studies on 4 CDs Faith or Religion? God the Father and..
Circumcision and the Circumcision Group
Author: Michael Penny
Speaker: Michael Penny 2 studies on 2 CDs The first study traces circumcision from Abraha..
Dispensational Studies
Speaker: Michael Penny 8 studies on 4 CDs Healing Sin, Sin and Sins Where two or t..
Fundamentals Under Fire
Speakers: P Mansell & W M Henry 2 studies on 1 CD The Bible - Peter Mansell The ..
Introducing God’s Plan
Speaker: Sylvia Peny 16 talks on 2 CDs Disc 1 - God's plan in the Old Testament Ada..
New Testament People
Speaker: Michael Penny 12 studies on 6 CDs Elizabeth Nicodemus Pete..
Other Religions
Speaker: Robert Minor 2 studies on 1 CD Hinduism Buddhism ..
Paul's Predicaments
Speaker: Michael Penny 7 studies on 7 CDs The life of Paul and the problems he faced &..
Questions and Answers – in Sydney
Speaker: Michael Penny 1 study on 1 CD ..
Spirtual Warfare
Speakers: Roger Jones & James Mead 2 studies on 1 CD In the Past - Richard Jones ..
Systematic Theology
Speaker: Michael Penny 12 studies on 6 CDs Theology and the God of Nature The god of..
The Kingdom
Speakers: Michael Penny & Neville Stephens 4 Studies on 3 CDs What is the Kingdom?..
The Life of Peter
Speaker: Michael Penny 4 studies on 3 CDs Starting with John’s Baptism of Christ, these s..
The Meaning of Miracles
Speaker: Michael Penny 5 studies on 4 CDs The Significance of Miracles The Significa..
The Open Bible Trust 30th Anniversary Celebration Service
Speaker: Cliff Richmond, W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Sylvia Penny & Michael Penny 2 CDs ..
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