The Godhead

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A Personal God: What does this mean?
Author: Michael Penny
Speaker: Michael Penny 4 studies on 2 CDs ..
Aspects of God
Speaker: Michael Penny 9 studies on 5 CDs The Gift of God The Fear of God The Love..
Christ in the Old Testament
Speaker: W M Henry 4 studies on 2 CDs The Son of David The Suffering Servant The G..
Christ in the Old Testament: His suffering and glory
Speakers: Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny, Michael Penny, Graham Bishop & Neville Stephens 9 stud..
Jesus Christ - Past, Present and Future
Speakers: Robert Brown, Winston Brown & Michael Penny 6 studies on 3 CDs 1.  ..
Jesus in the Old Testament (Luke 24:25-27; 1 Corinthians 15:3-4)
Speaker: Michael Penny & Sylvia Penny 6 studies on 3 CDs In Luke 24:25-27 the Lord told th..
Knowing God
Speakers: W M Henry & Michael Penny 4 studies on 2 CDs   Knowing God in Creat..
Risen But Not Ascended
Speaker: Michael Penny 6 studies on 3 CDs Six studies on the resurrection appearances of ..
The Christ
Speaker: Michael Penny 5 studies on 3 CDs On a donkey The reactions of the Sanhedri..
The Exalted Christ
Speakers: W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny, Cliff Richmond & Vicky Wil..
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Speaker: Michael Penny 4 studies in 3 CDs The Person of the Holy Spirit The Work of ..
The Supremacy of Christ
Speaker: John Essex 1 study on 1 CD Given at an OBT holiday ..
The Work of Christ
Speakers: W M Henry, Michael Penny & Sylvia Penny 7 studies on 3 CDs Two stud..
The Work of the Spirit
Speaker: Michael Penny 3 studies on 3 CDs An Overview of the Work of the Holy Spirit i..
Who is Jesus?
Speaker: W M Henry & Michael Penny 4 studies on 2 CDs A series of 4 studies given at ..
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