Israel’s Missed Opportunities ... and lost privileges

Author: Charles Ozanne
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Israel had been promised by God a ‘time of rest’. Charles Ozanne demonstrates that this was offered to them time and again in the course of their long history, only to be forfeited on each occasion.
The most disastrous of Israel’s missed opportunities was their failure to recognise their Messiah. They rejected Him when He graced them with His presence, and they rejected Him in the years following when the truth of Him being their Messiah was persuasively proclaimed to them by His faithful disciples. The abiding consequences for them of that missed opportunity are still with us today.
However, God has not given up on His erstwhile people. Sometime in the future they will be given a final opportunity to receive the Lord Jesus as their Messiah, and this time they will unreservedly accept Him ... and with what marvellous results!

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Pages 24
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Target Audience People who like to study the Bible in depth

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