Michael & Sylvia Penny in Australia (September & October 2014)

Michael & Sylvia Penny in Australia (September & October 2014)
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This Data Disc is formatted for playing on PCs and some modern CD players. It can also be played on a DVD player. As well as containing recordings of the studies, it also contains the PowerPoint presentations or notes used by the speakers. These can be followed on-screen while listening to the studies.

Michael Penny – 31 studies

A Timeline for Revelation and Prophecy – 4 studies

How not to study the Bible – 2 studies

In heavenly places – 2 studies

Is the Bible trustworthy – 1 study

Jesus and the Miracle of Healing – 3 studies

Paul: The Apostle to the Gentiles – 2 studies

Progressive Revelation – 1 study

The Prophecies of Matthew 24 – 4 studies

Questions and answers – 1 study

The Commissions of Christ – 1 study

The Life of Peter – 3 studies

The Purpose of Speaking in Parables – 3 studies

Things that are hard to understand – 2 studies

True or False? – Ask and you will received – 1 study

Who is Jesus? – 1 study

Sylvia Penny – 1 study

Satan and Eve – 1 study

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