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Paul's Predicaments: The Life of the Apostle Paul
Speaker: Michael Penny 7 studies on 4 DVDs A detailed study of the life of Paul, from the..
Problem Passages
Author: Michael Penny
Speaker: Michael Penny 6 studies on 1 DVD The Sin of Cain The Unforgivable Sin Ask Anyt..
The Kingdom
Speakers: Neville Stephens & Michael Penny 4 studies on 2 DVD What is the Kin..
The Meaning of Miracles
Speaker: Michael Penny 4 studies on 1 DVD Four studies given by Michael Penny at the Annuel Co..
The Open Bible Trust 30th Anniversary Celebration Service
Author: W M Henry
Speakers: Cliff Richmond, W M Henry, Andrew Marple, Sylvia Penny & Michael Penny 1 DVD ..
True or False? James should have replaced Judas & Questions and Answers in Australia and New Zealand
Author: Michael Penny
Speaker: Michael Penny 2 study on 1 DVD The first study considers the view of a number of Chri..
Understanding Paul and His Letters
Speaker: Michael Penny Given at a Bible Search Publications Conference in Wisconsin, USA. ..
Wonderful Words
Author: Michael Penny
Speaker: Michael Penny 5 studies on 1 DVD Saints and Faithful Grace and Peace Bless and..
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