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Immortality! When?
Author: Michael Penny
  What does the Bible have to say about “immortality”? The answer is, “Surprisingly little..
Introducing 1 Peter
Author: Charles Ozanne
  This booklet by Charles Ozanne is not a commentary on 1 Peter, but simply an introductio..
Introducing the Books of the Bible
Author: Brian Sherring
  There are many people today, both Christians as well as non-Christians, who are very unf..
Isaiah Six. Its Old and New Testament Fulfilments
Author: Michael Penny
  "Go Tell This People:  Be ever hearing, but never understanding Be ever seeing,..
Living in the Truth
Author: W M Henry
  In his writings John skillfully uses contrasting imagery to great effect: truth an..
Loving Your Enemies
Author: Sylvia Penny
  There are just two passages in the Bible that refer in detail to ‘loving your enemies’, ..
Author: Sylvia Penny
  What exactly do we mean when we say someone is lying? It appears that there are vario..
Malachi: The Lord's Messenger
Author: Charles Ozanne
  Some Christians may have never read Malachi, and if they did so, they may have found ver..
Meditations on Paul’s Post Acts Ministry
Author: Michael Penny
Michael Penny & R B Shiflet In this book the reader is presented with two views of what eac..
Nahum's Vision Concerning Nineveh
Author: Charles Ozanne
  Everyone has heard of Jonah, his thrilling experience with the whale, and his message of..
Natural Disasters
Author: Roger Barnett
  Whenever there is a Natural Disaster anywhere in the world, a single point often recurs ..
New Testament Mysteries
Author: Charles Ozanne
  This publication may have been better titled New Testament Secrets, as practically all t..
Noah's Flood
Author: Sylvia Penny
  The great deluge is recorded in the early chapters of Genesis, but was it a universal fl..
Pontius Pilate and the Crucifixion of Christ
  Here we have not only a pen-portrait of the most well-known of all Roman Governors, but ..
Put on the Lord Jesus Christ
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
  This is a study of the armour of God. In her usual detailed style, Vicky has given us a ..
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