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The Day of The Locust - Joel and the Day of the Lord
Author: Charles Ozanne
Please note that although the eBook title differs it is the same publication.   The boo..
The Day of the Lord! When?
Author: Michael Penny
  Several Old Testament prophets wrote about The Day of the Lord. Joel called it "the grea..
The Deity of Christ
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
  What does the Bible say about God and what does it say about Christ? In the last 100 yea..
The Dream (Daniel 2)
Author: Michael Penny
Please note that although the eBook title differs it is the same publication.   In this..
The Finest Jewel
Author: Roger Barnett
Please note that although the eBook title differs it is the same publication.   The aut..
The Fruit of the Spirit
Author: Michael Penny
  Edited, with contributions from David Groves, Susan Horobin, Brian Lloyd, Ruth Lloyd, Lo..
The Greatest Love Song
Author: Brian Sherring
  The main themes in The Song of Songs  are romantic  love, beauty, courtship an..
The Importance of Accuracy
Author: E W Bullinger
  Bullinger wrote two detailed studies on The Importance of Accuracy. The first, which for..
The Knowledge of God
Author: E W Bullinger
  “It is quite one of the ‘signs of the times’ that the Godhead is becoming a subject of d..
The Last Days! When?
Author: Michael Penny
  When we read the expression "the last days" in our Bibles we automatically think of the ..
The Life & Soul of Mortal Man
Author: Charles Ozanne
  Many worthy writers, from Tyndale onwards, have expressed their profound dissatisfaction..
The Lord's Day (Revelation 1:10)
Author: E W Bullinger
  The Lord’s Day! Is it Saturday? Or Sunday? Or is it “The Great and Terrible Day of the L..
The Making of a Man of God
Author: W M Henry
  This work concentrates on Paul's two letters to Timothy and the teaching surrounding the..
The Mark Of The Beast and the Jerusalem Temple
Author: Michael Penny
  The author's aim is simple: it is to demonstrate that the Scriptures teach that the drea..
The Most Quoted Old Testament Prophecy
Author: Michael Penny
  If you asked ‘Which Old Testament prophecy do the New Testament writers quote more than ..
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