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The Name of Jehovah in the Book of Esther
Author: E W Bullinger
  Many have noticed that ‘God’ is not once mentioned in the Book of Esther. None-the-less,..
The Names and Order of the Books of the Old Testament
Author: E W Bullinger
  “The Names and Order of the Books of the Old Testament” are the words found at the begin..
The New Covenant
Author: J Eustace Mills
The words ‘The New Covenant’ are frequently heard in Christian circles but how many Christians know ..
The New Covenant
Author: Michael Penny
  In writing this booklet, the author first explains what a covenant is, and then answers ..
The Person of God in the Form of Man
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
  There are many publications dealing with doctrine and many others dealing with devotion...
The Prayers of Ephesians
Author: E W Bullinger
  There are two longer prayers recorded in the Epistle to the Ephesians, plus a short conc..
The Resurrection of the Body
Author: E W Bullinger
  Each Easter time Christians celebrate the resurrection from the dead of our Lord Jesus C..
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Author: E W Bullinger
  It is the author’s contention that when dealing with the subject of what happens at deat..
The Sabbath and Circumcision
Author: Charles Ozanne
  At first we may be tempted to ask “What have the Sabbath and Circumcision in common?” an..
The Second Advent in Relation to the Jew
Author: E W Bullinger
  This short work looks at covenants (conditional and unconditional), the promise and the ..
The Seven Deadly Sins and their Corresponding Virtues
Author: Sylvia Penny
  The seven deadly sins are .... pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, gluttony and sloth! B..
The Signs in John's Gospel
Author: W M Henry
  At the end of his gospel John tells us the reason why he wrote his gospel and why he bas..
The Spirits in Prison
Author: E W Bullinger
  This is E W Bullinger’s excellent treatment of the perplexing passage in 1 Peter 3:17-4:..
The Temptations of the Lord
Author: Theo Todman
  In this booklet Theo Todman deals with some unusual aspects of The Temptations of the Lo..
The Vain and The Sane in Ecclesiastes
Author: Charles Ozanne
  Many have been fascinated by the Book of Ecclesiastes, and most have been perplexed and ..
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