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The Virgin Birth
Author: Theo Todman
  The reader will find in this booklet a most stimulating presentation of the Scriptural t..
The Wife, The Bride and the Body
Author: Charles Ozanne
  This is not a not an Agatha Christie murder mystery! These are the terms used in the Bib..
The Will of God: Past and Present: In the Bible and the 21st Century
  The Will of God is an enormous subject and this book does not attempt to cover every asp..
This We Believe - The Basis of The Open Bible Trust
Author: Michael Penny
This is a 38-page expansion of the Doctrinal Basis of The Open Bible Trust and has been contribu..
Timothy the Man!
Author: Michael Penny
Please note that although the eBook title differs it is the same publication.   Timothy..
Tithing and Other Gifts
Author: Glen Burch
Does the Bible tell Gentiles to tithe? Should Christians today tithe? Before answering s..
To Walk in the Spirit
Author: Vicky Wilkinson
  The aim of this booklet is to encourage, help and motivate Christians to rise above the ..
Author: J Eustace Mills
There is much talk about ‘unity’ in Christian circles but what is ‘unity’? There is man’s view of ‘u..
Who Is Jesus?
  In Matthew 16:13-16 the Lord asked the disciples what people said about Him, who did the..
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