How to Read the Bible with Greater Confidence (Saturday 14th April 2018)

How to Read the Bible with Greater Confidence (Saturday 14th April 2018)
Location: Reading
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2.30 - 6.30pm

  • Session 1. W M Henry: The Importance of ...
    • Understanding a passage before applying it
    • Understanding the context
    • Understanding what sort of book we are reading
    • Knowing the circumstances of the original readers​
  • Session 2. Peter Mansell: The Gospels and Acts
    • The difference between a list of events and an orderly account
    • How narratives are structured
    • How individual episodes are structured
    • How we learn from stories of Jesus and others
  • Session 3. Michael Penny: The Letters of the NT
    • Why did they write letters
    • Grouping of the letters by time and author
    • How do we learn from letters written 2000 years ago
  • Session 4. W M Henry: OT Law and Writings
    • Importance of the OT for understanding the NT
    • Is the OT consistent with the NT
    • Does any of the Law apply to us
    • How do we know when a passage is literal or poetic or both
  • Session 5. Michael Penny: OT and NT Prophecy
    • Were the prophets speaking for God or foretelling the future?
    • The fulfilment of the OT in the NT.
  • Session 6. Panel Session, chaired by Peter Mansell
    • Part 1: Pre-prepared questions such as:
      • Where do we start reading the Bible?
      • Should we try to read all the Bible in a year?
      • Which translation is best?
    • Part 2: Questions from the audience​

There is no charge for this study afternoon, but there will be an opportunity to make a donation. Refreshments will be served between sessions 2 & 3 and 4 & 5. Various books, CDs and DVDs will be available.

For futher information please phone 01491 671357 or e-mail

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