40 Problem Passages

Author: Michael Penny
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This book is a sequel to Michael Penny’s earlier book Approaching the Bible It applies the principles set out there to 40 Problem Passages from the Bible. In other words, it follows the advice given by Miles Coverdale. That advice was based on asking such questions as:

  • "Who" were these words written to, or "Who" were they about?
  • "Where" is this to take place?
  • "When" was it written or "When" is it about?
  • "What", precisely, is said?
  • "Why" did God say it, do it, or will do it?

After asking such questions, we then will have a better understanding of the Bible and can "apply" that passage to out lives today.

There are far more that 40 Problem Passages in the Bible!

However, in this book Michael Penny not only solves these 40 Problem Passages, he also equips the reader with a method by which many, many more problem passages can be understood and successfully applied to the life of a believer today.

  • Judges 11, "Jephthah's daughter"
  • Daniel 9, "Seventy sevens"
  • Luke 12, "The unforgivable sin"
  • 1 Cor.7, "Do not look for a wife"
  • Rev.13, "666"

- and many more.

Book / Booklet
Binding Perfect Paperback
Pages 284
Paper Quality High
Size A5
Target Audience People who are familiar with the Bible
Date of Publication 1997

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