Asleep in Christ

Author: Helaine Burch
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In this book the author encourages the reader to seriously enquire into the nature of mankind and to consider their destiny after death.

  • Has man a soul, or is man a soul?
  • What is 'soul'?
  • What happens to the soul at death?
  • What is the place of resurrection?

These basic questions, and many others, are discussed dispassionately using the Bible as the source for answers.

The Chapter headings are:

  • What is death according to the Bible?
  • Why does man die?
  • The penalty of sin is death
  • Jesus Christ, the solution to sin and death
  • Faith is the key to eternal life
  • Death is likened to sleep
  • What is resurrection
  • Resurrection will bring us into the presence of the Lord
  • Now is Christ risen from the dead
  • What is soul? (nephesh / psuche)
  • What is spirit? (ruach / pneuma)
  • What is hell? (sheol / hades)
  • Hell and hell fire (Ge Hinnom / Gehenna)
  • The fate of the unredeemed
  • Hebrew words used to describe the penalty of sin - perish/destroy/destruction
  • Greek words used to describe the penalty of sin - perish/destroy/lose
  • The Lake of fire and the second death
  • Concluding comments
  • Appendix 1 - The Rich man and Lazarus
  • Appendix 2 - Problematic Scriptures
  • Indexes
Book / Booklet
Binding Perfect Paperback
Pages 144
Paper Quality High Quality
Size A5
Target Audience People who like to study the Bible in depth
Date of Publication 1999

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