Theories of Creation

Author: Sylvia Penny
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Creation is a fascinating subject! It is a subject about which there are many theories, in both the Christian and the Scientific worlds, but which one is correct? In this publication the author outlines a number of the theories put forward by different Christians, and each one is linked to a different Scientific scenario.

  • Non-literal Theories and Theistic Evolution
  • Day-age Theory and Progressive Creation
  • Six Literal Days Creation and Scientific Creationism and the Young Earth Theory
  • The Gap Theory and Ruin – Six Days Reconstruction Theory
  • Creation Revealed in Six Days and Any Scientific Scenario

Explanation is given as to how each interprets the account of creation as detailed in Genesis 1 & 2. However, the aim is to provide information about each theory in an objective manner, so that readers can decide for themselves which theory they favour. If further information is required on a particular theory, a useful bibliography is provided.

Book / Booklet
Binding Saddle Stitched
Pages 60
Paper Quality High
Size A5
Target Audience People who are familiar with the Bible
Date of Publication 2004

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