Galatians: Verse by Verse

Galatians: Verse by Verse
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Speakers: W M Henry, Lorraine Low, Sylvia Penny & Michael Penny

15 studies on 7 CDs

  1. Background—Michael Penny
  2. 1:1-10—Lorraine Low
  3. 1:11-14—W M Henry
  4. 2:1-10—Sylvia Penny
  5. 2:11-21—Michael Penny
  6. 3:1-14—Sylvia Penny
  7. 3:15-25—Lorraine Low
  8. 3:26-4:7—W M Henry
  9. 4:8-20—Michael Penny
  10. 4:21-32—Michael Penny
  11. 5:1-12—Lorraine Low
  12. 5:13-26—W M Henry
  13. 6:1-10—Sylvia Penny
  14. 6:11-18—Michael Penny
  15. Overview—Michael Penny
Speaker(s) W M Henry, Lorraine Low, Sylvia Penny & Michael Penny
Studies 15
Discs 7

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