Studies in Colossians

Author: Michael Penny
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Commenting on the letter to the Ephesians, the Scotfield Reference Bible states that "it contains the highest church truth, but has nothing about church order. The church here is the true church, 'His Body', not the local church."

There is a close association between Ephesians and Colossians and in these studies numerous parallels have been drawn between the two letters. What Scofield said of Ephesians can be said, to a letter extent, of Colossians.

This letter certainly does contain some high truth concerning both Christ and Christians who are so intimately liked with Him that they are seen as member of His body. That being the case, Christians have so much to be thankful for and being thankful is one of the outstanding themes of Colossians.

Book / Booklet
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Pages 48
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Target Audience People who are familiar with the Bible
Date of Publication 1989

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