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Search, the magazine of the Open Bible Trust, contains a wide variety of articles, but all based upon the Bible. Many are one-off, stand-alone articles, but others form part of a series, which allow the authors to go into subjects a little more deeply. There is always a special page for ‘Young Searchers’ and room for readers’ comments.

The magazine is published six times a year and is available by subscription, but single copies may be purchased.

At the same time as Search is published, the Open Bible Trust produces a Bible Study Booklet which can be received with Search. These cover a wide range of subjects and past booklets are available to purchase from the menu.

People can receive just Search magazine or both Search and the Study Booklets … or just the Booklets.

The Bible Study Booklet varies in price but is also available by subscription

You can save money by subscribing to both Search and The Bible Study Booklet together

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