Learning from James: The Lord's Brother

Learning from James: The Lord’s Brother with Michael Penny

11.00 am, Thursday October 14, 2021 in seminar room 1 at The Christian Resources Exhibition, Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey.

This seminar is 'free' ... BUT WHAT CAN WE LEARN? 

  1. Why did James, and his brothers, on one occasion, suggest Jesus was ‘out of his mind’? What do people today, who don’t believe in Jesus, say of Him?
  2. Why didn’t James, and his brothers, believe Jesus to be the Messiah even though they saw His miracles? What obvious facts about Jesus do people today close their eyes to?
  3. What was it that caused James to believe in Jesus? What is the most common cause today for people putting their faith in Jesus?
  4. Even though James refused to believe in Jesus when He was on earth, how much of Christ’s teaching did he repeat in his letter? How important is it for us to spread the seed of Jesus’ teaching, even if we see no immediate results?