Introduction to the OBT

In 1984 a group of Christians from various denominations got together to form The Open Bible Trust. Their wish was "to help others come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to further their faith by all means, including the provision of publications, courses, lectures, cassettes and meetings".

The Open Bible Trust is a non-denominational charity (No. 326717) dedicated to:

  • Encouraging people to believe in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and see Him as God manifest in the flesh. 
    • This is what we call Evangelical
  • Encouraging people to read the Bible and to put its teaching into practice and so to live a Christian life that is worthy of the Lord Jesus.
    • This is what we call Fundamental
  • Encouraging people to study their Bible systematically and see that God's revelation to mankind has been progressive.
    • This is what we call Dispensational

Our mailing list is now world-wide and on the other pages of this site you will find full lists of the books, booklets, cassettes and other resources which may be ordered directly from this site.

Every two months we publish our magazine Search and a Bible Study Booklet - more information about these is contained on the Search and Bible Study Booklets pages.

From time to time we publish books. Please refer to our Books page for more details.

We have also, from time to time, run Bible Conferences in different parts of Britain, and have provided speakers for churches on such dates as Bible Sunday or for mid-week meetings. Speakers have also visited other countries such as Holland, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and the Philippines.

The Open Bible Trust is evangelical, fundamental and dispensational. The last of these gives The Open Bible Trust its special flavour and we use this systematic approach to explain the apparent discrepancies that crop up in the Bible and which are due to the different ways in which God has dealt, and is dealing, with different groups of people in different ages.