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New releases

Search Magazine #224

Another interesting issue with articles by several authors on such subjects as ... Jesus is the Son of God AND The Son of Man ...I am the way, the truth and the life ... the Deity of Christ ... Sealed with the King's Signet Ring ... The Trial of the Twelve ... Peter's Confessions ... Sparrows .. Boats and Ships in the Bible ... Sparrows etc.

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The Commissions of Christ

Whenever Christians talk about 'commission' in the Bible they tend to focus on the end of Matthew 28 and what is called 'The Great Commission'. However, Christ gave two commission before that on and several afterwards. What were the differences and which one, or ones, should we follow?

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Free Download

Meditations on Colossians with pictures and prose by Chris Saunders.

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Featured Book

Woman to Woman

This has been one of the most popular OBT books. It is a collection of articles, poems etc. for women, by women. Sylvia Penny has done a good job in editing and organising them into accessible groups, including:

Old Testament Women and New Testament Women, Christian Living, Husbands and Wives, Raising Children, Spiritual issues, Christian perspectives on modern-day issues.

There is also a good section on the Apostle Paul and women, and another dealing with the roles of Jewish women, and Greek and Roman women in the first century.

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This Month's Features

CD - Christianity Now

Four studies on four different aspects of Christianity by W M Henry and Michael Penny. Very relevant to the 21st Century.

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DVD - Wisdom in Proverbs

What Proverbs says wisdom relating to any particular subject is scattered throughout the book. W M Henry does a good job in these seven studies of pulling them together.

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Author - Michael Penny

An easy-to-read prolific writer with 15 or so major books, 40 or more study booklets, and numerous free downloads.

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YouTube Bible Studies

A collection of over 220 interesting and helpful videos arranged in playlists covering a wide various of subjects.

Philippians: A letter of Rejoicing
Living according to the Spirit
Theories of Creation
Titus the first Gentile leader
and more!

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