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New releases

Search Magazine #242 (June/July 2024)

A wide variety of interesting and helpful articles by different authors.

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Introducing the Prophecy of Obadiah by Michael Penny

Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament and has been said to be the least popular and least understood. But, like many other seemingly obscure passages, a close study of the prophecy, and the precise way in which it was written, reveal much that is interesting and helpful.


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LATEST FREE DOWN LOAD: Another well-constructed quiz which can be done individually or in teams. Five rounds, each with ten questions - answers supplied at the end.


Featured Book

Eve and the Angel of Light by Sylvia Penny

The Hebrew language has no vowels, so people have to insert them. The Hebrew word 'nchsh' can be 'nachesh', which means 'serpent', or 'nachash', which means 'shining one'. So was Eve deceived by Satan looking like a serpent or by Satan appearing as the angel of light? This novel explores the latter.

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YouTube Bible Studies

A collection of over 320 interesting and helpful videos arranged in playlists covering a wide various of subjects. For example:

Philippians: A letter of Rejoicing
Living according to the Spirit
Events of Holy Week
Introducing the Minor Prophets

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This Month's Features

The Balanced Christian Life

A series of five studies based on Ephesians exploring ... The Blessings Christians have in Christ and The Practical Christian Life which should follow

This is a designed for individual or group work. The right hand pages ask questions, fill in Bible quotations and other open ended activities. The left hand pages contain the answers.

Ideal for personal study and for any Lent Group, Post Alpha Group, House Group or Bible Study Group. If any organisations wish to use the diagrams and worksheets contained in this book they are free to copy them, and there is no need to seek permission.

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Latest Podcast

Discussing Ephesians: Episode 3.

Ephesians 2:1-10

The fantastic climax of this passage is that in the coming ages God is going to show us “the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus”. What will that involve?

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That you may be filled

The aim of this booklet is to investigate the unsearchable riches of Christ as found in Paul's most exalted epistle, Ephesians. By selecting some of the more significant passages Charles Ozanne has brought to light the unique message of this epistle.

The author's hope is that having read this publication the reader will have a deeper understanding and a higher appreciation of God's purpose for this age of grace.

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