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New releases

Search Magazine #240 (February/March 2024)

A wide variety of interesting and helpful articles by a variety of authors.

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Introducing the Prophecy of Habakkuk by Michael Penny

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2023 Annual Report on the Work of the Open BIble Trust


Featured Book

Unity in Christ

Unity does not mean uniformity, but did you know there are two unities? 'The Unity of the Spirit' and 'The Unity of the Faith'. What is the difference?

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YouTube Bible Studies

A collection of over 400 interesting and helpful videos arranged in playlists covering a wide various of subjects. For example:

Philippians: A letter of Rejoicing
Living according to the Spirit
Events of Holy Week
Introducing the Minor Prophets

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This Month's Features

The Vain and the Sane in Ecclesiastes

This excellent booklet by Charles Ozanne is an good accompaniment to the podcast series 'Exploring Ecclesiastes'

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Latest Podcast

Exploring Ecclesiastes 6: Work, Labour & Toil.

W M Henry interviews Sylvia and Michael Penny to discuss work, labour and toil. Is work a necessary evil? Remember … Adam was told to work in Eden even before the Fall, although afterwards it was going to be harder so … Is work a good thing? A gift from God?

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Koheleth Speaks

This publication, by Bob Morris, deals with the well-known passage from Ecclesiastes chapters 3 & 4.

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