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New releases

Search Magazine #226

A wide variety of articles by a variety of authors.

Search Magazine 226

Universalism! True or False?

A short but comprehensive well-written treatment of an important issue on the minds of many Christians.

Universalism! True or False?

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A Christian Quiz of Five Rounds

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Featured Book

James: His life and letter

In this second revised edition of this book we are given and excellent portrait of James, the brother of Jesus. He was a man who, when Jesus was on earth, did not believe Him to be the Messiah. However, all that was to change, and we are given the reason why.

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This Month's Features

CD - Two interesting studies on Paul

Two informative and interesting studies by Michael Penny centred around the Apostle Paul. Both studies were given at seminars at the Christian Resources Exhibition.

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DVD - Theories of Creation

There are five major, different understanding of Genesis Chapter 1. Sylvia Penny does an excellent job in these studies by impartially giving the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Author - W M Henry

A writer who has co-authored a number of books with Michael Penny but who has penned many study booklets in his own name and a major treatment on The Trinity. He is also an international speaker and numerous studies are available on CDs and many more can be see on The Open Bible Trust YouTube Channel.

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YouTube Bible Studies

A collection of over 220 interesting and helpful videos arranged in playlists covering a wide various of subjects.

Philippians: A letter of Rejoicing
Living according to the Spirit
Theories of Creation
Titus the first Gentile leader
and more!

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