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Search Magazine #227

A wide variety of articles by a variety of authors.

Search Magazine 227

What are we?

Are we 'saints'? Or are we 'sinners'? Or are we both? What are we? A simple and good answer to that question.

What are we?

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A very helpful chart and article highlighting the major points of Nebuchadnezzar's reign

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Featured Book

The Message of the Synoptics

The book explores the Synoptic Gospels through seven chronological phases, each marking a different stage in the Lord’s earthly ministry, and will provide Christian readers with a clearer understanding of the nature of His mission to Israel and beyond/

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This Month's Features

CDs - Christianity Now!

We live in a society which is secular, unlike that of Christ and Paul. How do Christians and the Churches relate to such a world?

We live in a society which is, at best, agnostic but one in which more or less everyone believes they will go to heaven when they die!  How do Christians and the Church relate to such people?

Four interesting and stimulating studies.

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DVDs - An Overview of the Gospels

Six 30 minute studies on 3 DVDs. The first four studies look at Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the 5th one contrasts the Four Gospels and the 6th one compares them.

This is a set of videos taken at an OBT Conference and following the feedback W M Henry and Michael Penny wrote "The Four Gospels: Compared and Contrasted", published by The Open Bible Trust and available from this website.

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Author - James Poole

James Poole wrote a number of very easy to read booklets. His great love was Genesis and Ephesians, and his writings reflects this.

His portraits of the patriarchs are enlightening, and his studies from Ephesians are helpful and challenging.

James Poole



YouTube Bible Studies

A collection of over 220 interesting and helpful videos arranged in playlists covering a wide various of subjects.

Philippians: A letter of Rejoicing
Living according to the Spirit
Theories of Creation
Titus the first Gentile leader
and more!

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