The Prayers of Ephesians

The Prayers of Ephesians


E W Bullinger
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There are two longer prayers recorded in the Epistle to the Ephesians, plus a short concluding prayer. They are not man’s compositions, but rather “the Divine breathings and groanings of the Holy Spirit”, says the author. As such they are inexhaustible in their fulness and depth.

We mere human beings do not know how to pray for we know not the height of the Father’s power and love, nor the depth of our own need. So here we are prayed for, by the Spirit Himself who “helpeth our infirmities”.

The two longer prayers are recorded in Ephesians 1:15-23 and 3:14-21. While they are in every way different, distinct and full of contrast, yet there is one common subject, namely Christ Jesus, our Saviour, Head and Lord. In the former prayer the subject is Christ, and what God has made Him to be unto His people. In the latter prayer it is Christ, and what God has made us to be in Him. In the former it is - we in Christ. In the latter it is - Christ in us. In the former it is God’s power which He wrought in Christ: in the latter it is the Father’s power that worketh in us.

This is Bullinger at his best; a wonderful exposition.

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Number of Pages - 85
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2008