Biblical Chronology

Biblical Chronology


Dr Peter John Charles
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Ever since Moses wrote the book of Genesis nearly 3,500 years ago, there has been a chronological record dating back to the creation of Adam.  However, despite this, various scholars have come forward with a diversity of dates for the Exodus, the periods of the Judges, and the kings of Judah and Israel, as well as the nativity and crucifixion of our Lord. This has caused many to be cautious when it comes to Biblical Chronology.

The aim of this study is to reconcile these past difficulties. By considering almost all of the chronological references to years and months in the Bible, the author puts forward a solution which is consistent with secular history.

This book is the result of a five-year study in Biblical Chronology and all Bible students will find it a most useful aid, as well as reinforcing their confidence in the Bible and increasing their faith in the Lord God as the creator of heaven and earth.

Number of Pages - 74
Size - A4
Year of Publication - 1998