Following Philippians

Following Philippians


W M Henry, Michael Penny
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This book from William Henry and Michael Penny is much more than a commentary. It is a verse by verse exploration and discussion.

The authors first examine what a passage would have meant to the original first century Philippians, before seeking applications for 21st century Christians.

Each chapter of the book deals with a particular passage in Philippians in a number of ways.

  • First, the Big Issues set out the main points of the passage
  • Then the passage is Explored with helpful insights into the historical setting of first century Philippi and the issues of that day
  • This is followed by a set of Comprehension Questions on the passage
  • Next, the passage is Discussed  in a manner which takes what has been learnt and discusses it, using it to direct light onto today’s Christian experiences
  • Each chapter concludes with a set of Contemplation Questions on the passage.

The result is a study guide to Philippians which balancses well researched historical information with practical lessons for today’s Christian.

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Number of Pages - 172
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2012