Introducing God's Plan

Introducing God's Plan


Sylvia Penny
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Speaker: Sylvia Peny

16 talks on 2 CDs

  • Disc 1 - God's plan in the Old Testament
  1. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden 
  2. Noah and the Flood
  3. The Tower of Babel and God's New Plan
  4. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
  5. Joseph in the Land of Egypt
  6. Moses leads the People of Israel out of Egypt  
  7. From the Wilderness to the Promised Land
  8. Judges, Kings and Prophets
  • Disc 2 - God's plan in the New Testament
  1. The Lord Jesus is born
  2. The Miracles of the Lord Jesus
  3. The Lord Jesus is rejected
  4. The Lord Jesus goes back to Heaven
  5. Peter and the Apostles
  6. Paul and the Gentiles
  7. God's Plan for Today
  8. God's Plan for the Future
Number of Discs - 2
Number of Studies - 16