The Star of Bethlehem - A Consideration of Astrology-Then and Now

The Star of Bethlehem - A Consideration of Astrology-Then and Now


Roger Barnett
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The prominence which Astrology and Horoscopes have in today’s newspapers and magazines is proof enough that many people today hold great store by them, believing that the heavenly bodies influence  what takes place on  this earth, but do they?

God must have had a purpose in creating the stars, but that purpose can have nothing to do with “a glorious blending of occult and science”, which is how some describe Astrology!

But does Astrology originate with God or is it from the imagination of man? Was there a ‘general’ purpose of mankind written in the stars, rather than a ‘specific’ purpose for each individual?

Many newspapers and journals carry a column on The Stars, harmless horoscopes which many people read, have a laugh over and promptly forget what they have read. However, some people take Astrology seriously but can the orientation of the heavenly bodies at the time of a person’s birth have any significant influence on an individual’s life. Is there a message for each person in the stars? Was there ever a message for anyone?

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Number of Pages - 50
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2019