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Sadly 'SVM' is no longer with us. He was born is Antwerp, Belgium in 1888, and trained in the scientific disciplines, eventually becoming responsible for the direction of research activities in the laboratories of an international telecommunications corporation in five European countries.

To these responsibilities he added extensive research in archaeology, theology, philosophy, ancient writings, and records of abnormal phenomena. A frequent visitor to the British Museum Library and other centres of information, he met and consulted with many biblical authorities in several countries. He spoke several languages and knew Greek and Hebrew.

As a result of his studies he was led to publishing a number of books and pamphlets, mostly in the French language. He lectured for private and religious groups in Europe, and was for a time co-editor of a monthly magazine devoted to Bible exposition in the Dutch language.

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  • The Divine Plan and its Realization


    S Van Mierlo
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