Persevere to Maturity – Participant’s Handbook

Persevere to Maturity – Participant’s Handbook

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Peter Ward
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By: Peter Ward

A series of seven studies based on Philippians focusing on getting our priorities right, and staying focused on the glory that awaits us.
This Handbook contains questions, worksheets, activities for the individual or group.

The answers and further information relating to those questions, worksheets, activities will be found in “Persevere to Maturity – Participant’s Handbook”, which is available as a paperback from Amazon.

The right hand pages of this Leader’s Handbook contain the questions, worksheets, activities that are in the Participant’s Handbook.
The left hand pages contain answers and information for the leader.

This publication has been prepared directly from Scripture. The author completed his own research, but acknowledges that the work done by Michael Penny and William Henry in their book “Following Philippians” formed the primary foundation upon which this present work was built.