The Deity of Christ

The Deity of Christ


Vicky Wilkinson
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What does the Bible say about God and what does it say about Christ? In the last 100 years many present Christ as a highly exalted teacher, even a great prophet, even ‘a’ god. But are all these misrepresentations of the truth?

The author was embroiled for many years with the Jehovah Witnesses; that was until her eyes were opened to just who Jesus was; not a created being, nor even ‘a’ god. As a result she felt it might help in understanding the person of Christ if we consider the various names and titles given to both God and Christ in the Scriptures. This she does by considering such terms as:

Saviour … Rock … Shepherd … King … Judge … I am … The Light … The Coming One … The First and Last.

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Number of Pages - 96
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017