Manual on the Gospel of John

Manual on the Gospel of John


Michael Penny
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This book was produced with teenagers for teenagers. It asks and answers the questions teenagers asked about John’s Gospel, but in a novel way.

The book is in four parts:

  • Aims of the Book; How to use the Book
  • Questions with Aids and Hints to the Answers
  • Questions with Answers and Further Information
  • Main themes of John’s Gospel

This book is ideal for Youth Groups and House Groups, Personal Study and small Bible Study Groups. The questions in Section Two can be discussed and answered, and there and Aids and Hints to help. After being discussed and answered, the author’s answers and comments can be reviewed from Section Three.

If you are stuck for an idea with your group, try The Manual on the Gospel of John.

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Number of Pages - 104
Size - A4
Year of Publication - 1987