Abraham and his seed

Abraham and his seed


W M Henry, Michael Penny, Sylvia Penny
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W M Henry, Michael Penny & Sylvia Penny

In Genesis 12, we read of God's covenant promise to Abraham to make him a great nation, to bless him and to bless all people on earth through him. As we progress through Genesis, this covenant was confirmed with Abraham and with his immediate seed, Isaac and Jacob. Later, further promises were made to his subsequent seed, the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

How were these promises to be implemented as the seed of Abraham grew into a nation - a nation that largely failed to follow the Lord faithfully as their father Abraham had done? What does the rest of the Old Testament have to say about the seed of Abraham? Was there any change in the New Testament? Where do those who are not the physical seed of Abraham (i.e. Gentiles) fit into all this?

This book traces the Lord's dealings with Abraham and his seed throughout the Old and New Testaments and considers whether God is still dealing with the seed of Abraham today.

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Number of Pages - 148
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2015