Be Likeminded one to another

Be Likeminded one to another


Daniel Andersen
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In this publication the author opens his heart to his readers confessing that, in the past, he would have reacted with some indignation to those who differed with him doctrinally.

However, his continual study of the Scriptures over many years has led him to conclude that, even though certain doctrines may be of supreme importance to him, they should not obscure the one basic fact that all who believe that Jesus died for their sins have been accepted by the Lord.

That being the case if becomes Christians of all persuasion to accept whosoever the Saviour accepts.

Belief in Christ is the basis of Christian unity, and when Paul exhorts believe to be "likeminded one to another" he is not entreating them to comply with the same code or creed, or to conform to the same confession or catechism. Rather he is appealing to them to accept each other as equals; to accept others as Christ, Himself accepts them.

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Number of Pages - 24
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 1992