Becoming Born Again

Becoming Born Again


Kenneth Evans
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When on earth our Lord Jesus Christ continually battled much confusion about how to ‘come to God’, as can be seen by the many discussions He had with the religious leaders of His day. But what about our day?

‘Born again’ is a term used extensively in many churches. Often it is used as an adjective to describe some particular ‘class’ of Christians. However, different churches use it in different ways and the term frequently confuses both Christians and non-Christians. What does it really mean to become ‘born again’?  How does one do so? And can one today, in this age of grace in which we live, actually be ‘born again’?

This booklet considers the extensive conversation the Lord Jesus had with Nicodemus about this very subject.

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Number of Pages - 20
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2008