Biblical Prayer

Biblical Prayer


Michael Penny
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Speaker: Michael Penny

4 studies on 4 DVDs

These are easy to follow as the speakers notes and references are shown on the screen.

  • DVD 1: Praying for things; Promises to Israel; Praying for wisdom; A different wisdom; The purpose of wisdom.
  • DVD 2: ‘Will’ and ‘may’ in the prayers of ... the Gospels ... the Jewish letters … Paul’s letters; Prayer in Ephesians.
  • DVD 3: Prayers for Paul; Prayer in Colossians and Philippians; Keep asking?
  • DVD 4: Meaningful repetition; Empty repetition; The Lord’s Prayer; Praying ‘in the name of Jesus’; Pray ‘in the Spirit’
Number of Discs - 4
Number of Studies - 4