Daniel's Seventy Sevens: A Recalculation

Daniel's Seventy Sevens: A Recalculation


Michael Penny
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In the fifth century BC Jerusalem lay desolate. The temple had been destroyed and many Jews were exiled in Babylon.

The prophet Daniel was reading the prophecies of Jeremiah and understood that the period of Jerusalem’s desolation was to be 70 years. Daniel realised that those years were fast approaching their end. Daniel prayed and as he did so, the angel Gabriel was sent and gave him a prophecy concerning Israel and Jerusalem. It ‘dated’ their future in terms of “seventy weeks (of years)”. This prophecy of the seventy sevens has been variously interpreted down the ages, but most run out of time during the Acts Period for during that time Israel and the city of Jerusalem were still very much part of God’s plan.

This study recalculates the time frame of that prophecy and gives an interpretation and understanding that allows the seventy sevens to fit all the facts of Israel’s and Jerusalem’s past ... as well as their future.

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Number of Pages - 24
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2019