De-fuddling the Bible

De-fuddling the Bible


Colin Smith
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Christians have always found the Bible to be both an uplifting and intriguing book. Uplifting since its contents form the basis of their faith, and because it often “speaks” wisely into their current situation. Yet it can also appear puzzling, confusing and muddled. Whilst this can be worrying and uncomfortable, it is the author’s belief that this is normal, for it is through the struggle to make sense of it that we learn and grow.

This book aims to give the reader an insight into some of the causes of confusion, rather than to give solutions to specific problems. Once identified, and applied to a particular passage, many of the problems fall away and faith is reinforced. This process is the “de-fuddling” in the title.

It will be useful to all serious readers of the Bible, but perhaps especially so to Christians working alone, such as prisoners alone in their cell, members of the armed forces on deployment, and boarding school pupils alone in their dorm.

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Number of Pages - 89
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2017