Disc 8 - 78 studies

Disc 8 - 78 studies


Various Speakers
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A variety of studies from Michael & Sylvia Penny, W M Henry, Cliff Richmond and others

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Michael Penny

In Heavenly Places – 4 Studies

‘In heavenly places’: a phrase unique to Ephesians. What does it mean and why does Paul use it?

Praying with Paul – 5 studies

Studies on the prayers in Paul’s later letters

The Purpose of Parables – 3 Studies

Why did Christ speak in parables? So that those who opposed Him would not understand, while those who believed in Him did! These studies look at the effect t parables had on these who opposed Christ and explains how truth was hidden from them.

Sylvia Penny

Introducing God’s Plan – 16 Studies

16 short studies; 8 on the Old Testament and 8 on the New.

Michael & Sylvia Penny

Job: Suffering, Pain and Patience – 3 Studies

  1. An overview of Job—Sylvia Penny
  2. Job & suffering—Michael Penny
  3. The end-product of suffering– Michael Penny

Michael Penny & W M Henry

The Will of God – 5 Studies

  1. The Will of God in the Old Testament – W M Henry
  2. The Will of God for Jews in the Gospels and Acts Period – Michael Penny
  3. The Will of God for Jews and Gentiles in the Acts Period and After – Michael Penny
  4. The Will of God in the 21st Century (part 1) – W M Henry
  5. The Will of God in the 21st Century (part 2) – Michael Penny

Michael & Sylvia Penny & W M Henry

Abraham and His Seed in the Old Testament and the New – 8 studies

  1. Setting the scene—W M Henry
  2. Abraham, the Man—Michael Penny
  3. The Lord’s Appearances to Abraham—Sylvia Penny
  4. Abraham’s Seed in the OT—W M Henry
  5. Abraham’s seed in the Gospels—Sylvia Penny
  6. Abraham’s Seed in Acts—Michael Penny
  7. Abraham’s seeds in Paul’s earlier letters—Michael Penny
  8. Abraham’s seed in Paul’s later letters—W M Henry

Michael Penny & Cliff Richmond

Understanding Paul and his Letters – 9 Studies

9 studies looking at the three ministries God gave Paul, and comparing his Acts Period Letters with his Post Acts letters.

Michael Penny & Neville Stephens

Studies in Daniel – 3 studies

  1. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream in Daniel 2 – Michael Penny
  2. The Assyrian of Daniel 11 – Neville Stephens
  3. The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9 – Michael Penny

Various Speakers

The Exalted Christ – 7 Studies

John 1:1-5: Williams Henry
Hebrews 1:1-4: Cliff Richmond
Colossians 1:15-20: Sylvia Penny
Ephesians 1:19-23: Michael Penny
Philippians 2:6-11: Andrew Marple
Testimony: Vicky Wilkinson
Summary: Michael Penny

Galatians: verse by verse – 15 Studies

  1. Background—Michael Penny
  2. 1:1-10—Lorraine Low
  3. 1:11-14—W M Henry
  4. 2:1-10—Sylvia Penny
  5. 2:11-21—Michael Penny
  6. 3:1-14—Sylvia Penny
  7. 3:15-25—Lorraine Low
  8. 3:26-4:7—W M Henry
  9. 4:8-20—Michael Penny
  10. 4:21-32—Michael Penny
  11. 5:1-12—Lorraine Low
  12. 5:13-26—W M Henry
  13. 6:1-10—Sylvia Penny
  14. 6:11-18—Michael Penny
  15. Overview—Michael Penny
Number of Discs - 1
Number of Studies - 78