Empires of the End-Time

Empires of the End-Time


Charles Ozanne
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This is an extensive 180 page commentary on Daniel. It is the first one written from a prospective point of view, rather than a retrospective one.  That is, most conservative commentators interpret Daniel with hind-sight; i.e. from the viewpoint of later times. They look at events as they subsequently occurred in later years, and interpret Daniel in the light of those later unfolding events.  However, Charles Ozanne, himself a conservative, adopts an altogether different approach. He looks at the prophecy prospectively, i.e. from Daniel’s point of view, rather than retrospectively, i.e. from history’s point of view. Only when this is done is there any hope of grasping how the prophet, himself, understood the meaning of what he saw and what he was told.

As far as we are aware, no previous writer has consistently applied this approach to the book of Daniel and, as such, the student of the Bible will gain much fresh insight from this latest book by Charles Ozanne which looks at the Empires of the End-Time through Daniel’s telescopic lens.

As well as the verse by verse commentary, the introduction give a helpful chart of all dates as well as a useful structure of Daniel. At the end the appendices include one on The Seventy Weeks  and one giving the Profile of the Prince to Come. All students of prophecy will find this book of great interest and value.

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Number of Pages - 182
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2007