Exploring the Acts of the Apostles

Exploring the Acts of the Apostles


Michael Penny
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A good understanding of the Acts of the Apostles is of supreme importance for gaining a picture of the New Testament as a whole. It occupies a position between the Gospels and the Epistles and throws much light on those letters and on what the ascended Christ was doing during those thirty years.

The implication, however, is that those first thirty years were the beginning of Christ’s work. Indeed, some translations have “all that Jesus began to do and teach” (Acts 1:1; NIV, ESV), which suggests that this second document, The Acts of the Apostles, describes the continuing work of Jesus. It catalogues what the resurrected, ascended and glorified Christ said and did, by and through His Holy Spirit, working in the lives of the Apostles and others.


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Number of Pages - 258
Size - A5
Year of Publication - 2022