Gentile Encounters in The Gospel of John

Gentile Encounters in The Gospel of John


Eliza Wright
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 One stumbling block to the view that John was writing for the whole world, rather than to Jews, is the apparent absence from the Gospel of references to Gentile role-models. A superficial inspection seems to confirm this. By contrast, the Synoptic Gospels show Jesus interacting with and healing  several people who definitely were not Jews. 

In the author’s opinion, a closer look tells a different story, and it is this aspect that this booklet concentrates on and deals with such questions as:

  1. Who are the Gentiles in John’s Gospel?
  2. Are they significant and if so, why?
  3. Can they be thought of as role-models and if so, what can we learn from them?
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Number of Pages - 40
Size - A4
Year of Publication - 2023